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South African Law Reports

The South African Law Reports is the premier repository of South African judicial jurisprudence and the most widely referred to source of primary legal precedent in South Africa. Published since 1947, the South African Law Reports has an extensive network of reporters. Judgments are published in the language in which they were initially delivered. Judgments are carefully selected and edited by the editors of the South African Law Reports who produce flynotes, headnotes, legislative references and case annotations.

The Pre-1947 South African Law Reports


  • Law reports before 1947 were published in separate volumes for each of the High Courts in the Cape Colony, Natal, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. 
  • Some of the earlier reports were published privately and are known by the person responsible for publishing the cases i.e. Watermeyer, Searle, Menzies and Buchanan

The English Reports

Court of Probate and Divorce

High Court of Admiralty and The Ecclesiastical

Probate Division

Family Division

Grown Cases Reserved

Exchequer Cases